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The ASK Process

ASK, Authors Specialist and Knowledge, provides students with the opportunity to interview an author or a subject specialist in the topic they are reading about in a novel. The program uses excellent children's literature, journal writing, and interviewing to promote reading for understanding.

This site is an archive of a wiki that was created in 2010 and hosted at as a one stop shop, pointing to all the different ASK programs offered by a variety of organizations. There are two goals for this wiki:

Remember, ASK is an instructional format! Lots of different organizations are using this videoconference format to offer programs. Please note that this site is no longer being maintained, but provides history and instructions for those interested in the ASK Process.

Elementary Programs
Middle School Programs
High School Programs

This page is an archive of a 2010-2018 Wikispaces site that hosted information about the ASK (Author Specialist Knowledge) Process, pictured below.

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