Our Gingerbread Houses, Christmas '99

built by James, designed by Janine and her cousins Myra and Sabrina, and friends Janelle, Anne, and Leah, and sister Julie

First, some pictures of the process of making the houses:

Anne is working on Janine's house.
Notice the new kind of peanut butter - Chocolate Silk Sensations. Yummy!! and great glue!

More of the process: Myra and Sabrina working on their house. The glare is from the tin foil base of the house.

See the wonderful mess we made! If you look carefully you can see the chips and oranges that were part of our supper.

To See the Finished Product
Click on the house you'd like to see more detail for. Please be patient while the page loads. It's worth the wait in our opinion!

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