Gingerbread Houses 2019

This year James helped me build 16 houses for a party hosted at MIchael and Elizabeth's house. Friends from work who made houses included Sam, his wife Angelica, and his kids Angelisse and Ilan; Terence and family; Christine and Elaine; Michael, Elizabeth, Eva and her friend Faith, and Alexia and her friend Madeline. A wonderful time was had by all.

Alexia's house
Alexia's house. Check out the icing roof!
Alexia's house
Piroulines make for a delicious yard.
Front door
A creatively iced door.
Angelica's house
Angelica's house. We had cookie trees this year which allowed more people to have trees for their yards.
Angelica's house
Look at the creatively styled roof and matching walls, windows & doors.
Angelisse's house
Angelisse's house. Nice snowy yard!
Angelisse's house
Matching window & door.
Elaine's house
Elaine's house. Check out the teddy graham in the windows.
Elaine's house
Check out the tree decorations & the pond!
Elizabeth's house
Elizabeth's house.
Elizabeth's house
Pretzels make great fences.
Elizabeth's house
We had a new grass tip which made for a neat look for bushes & grass.
Eva's house
Eva's house - notice the path, the tree, the door.
Eva's house
Note the creative roofing.
Faith's house
Faith's house.
A better view of the roof design.
Closeup of the flag, and notice the door, and the candy canes.
Ilan's house
Ilan's house, owned by a chocolate teddy graham. Cool yard!
Ilan's house
A view from the side.
my house
My house this year.

See the balcony - there's a teddy graham there. And had a lot of fun stacking tiny bits on the fences.

Chimney and wreath.
Blue & black chocolate rocks for the chimney, snowflakes in the chimney smoke. Lots of blue stuff this year on sale due to the release of Frozen 2. On the ridge are little blue trees with stars on top.
Path & door made out of candy watermelon slices.
We had a good amount of tree trouble, trying to do the traditional kind.
Madeline's house
Madeline's house. Love the pretzel fence.
Amazing iced walls.
We had some store bought icing, which I thought would save time, but the packaging developed a hole quickly, which led to an incident with this teddy graham bear which didn't end well for the bear.
Sam's house
Sam's house. Rounded door!
Sam's house
Pretzels give a great look. Check out the creative yard.
Terence's house. Check out the tree and roof.
Terence's house
Frozen inspired chocolate chips
Terence's kids enojyed making this house.

Teddy graham in the window.

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