Gingerbread Houses 2017

Thanks to Julie and sister-in-law Janine's assistance; and Meleta finding a location for a gingebread party, we had one big party this year. Friends from work included Marsha and her daughter Karyl, Amy and her daughter Bethany, Elias and his wife and son, Femi and his wife and son, Jacqlene, and Mohan. My sisters-in-law, Julie and Janine S helped; and Janine made a house too. And of course, Meleta, Kaitlyn, and Shaya were super creative as usual.

Amy and Bethany's house
Amy and Bethany's house.
Amy and Bethany's house
Note the chinmney and lamp posts.
Elias's house
Elias' house.
Elias' house
Note the cool roof and chimney.
Femi's house
Femi's house
Femi's house - doesn't it have a great fence?!  
Jacqlene's house
Jacqlene's house.
Jacqlene's house
My house
My house.
my house
Janine S. houseJanine S.'s house. Janine S. house
Kaitlyn and Shaya's house. Kaitlyn and Shaya's house
K's house
Karyl's house
Karyl's house
Marsha's house
Marsha's house

Marsha's house

Meleta's house
Meleta's house

Meleta's house
Mohan's house
Mohan's house
Mohan's house
lamp post
Meleta's lamp post and really awesome window.
Kaitlyn and Shaya's lamp post
Such a creative fence Meleta made.
Meleta's path
Check out this amazing detailed path.
Marsha made this amazing snowman on skis.
Kaitlyn and Shaya very patiently put together this awesome swing.
The best ever camping scene in the yard.
Window with little red hearts.
Detailed creative door
A little pond
Another path. Check out the little arrows!
A fence made of little decorated gingerbread men and candy canes.
A candy cane door.
A really different kind of chimney.
A decorated balcony.
Another view of the balcony.

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