Gingerbread Houses 2016

In December 2016, we had three gingerbread house parties. The first was in Alberta, with Debi, Shirley, Dena, Carol, Sabrina, Cora and Elisabeth. The second was with old timers, Meleta, Katelynn and Shaya (their first houses were in 2006!). The final house was decorated by Aubury.

Debi's Christmas themed house.

Check out the fence made with little gingerbread men.

Elisabeth's first house, with help from Dena.

Cora's second house. We had fun with the bugels this year - don't they look like elf hats on the tiny gingerbread men?

Nothing like autographing your yard!

Sabrina made Anderson's first house, along with a yummy cereal path for Trent to eat!

Note the bugel hats on the gingerbread men!

We made a little car for Anderson. Nels helped design it.

The car had its own decorated garage.

Another view of the path and garage.

Cute roof decorations.

I decorated a house to leave with mom for Christmas.

A heart-shaped hobbit door with bugel icicles.
Loved those bugels this year!

Windows and fence.

A brown chocolate rock chimney.

Tried to do a reprise of the reindeer that Shaya had in 2013; but without candy canes, I used banana candy to make their antlers. Fun!

In our next party, Meleta made this amazing house.

The sides of Meleta's house. I love the windows!

Candy cane angles give personality to this window. Cool roof too!

The view from the back.

Front and entrance.

A closer look at the entrance pathway.

Check out the lights on the front bush.

With a little ingenuity, Meleta made this awesome quirky chimney on the roof. Took a bit to make it stay, but voila! Worth it!

Can you identify the moose handing over this hunter's cabin?

A closer look at the window.

Katelynn's house had a very authentic look, with candy judiciously used. See Santa's feet disappearing down the chimney?

The front door. A bag of thick pretzels goes a long way for decorating a cabin!

A closer view of the front door and path.

We've never had a side door before! Love this one! Great idea!

Simple siding.

More simple siding.

Front decorations.

The most amazing back bay window I've ever seen! Check out the curtains, and how the tree is clearly behind the window.

A closer view of the back window.

Shaya started off by decorating the inside of her gingerbread house.

The kitchen - notice the cabinets, the fridge, the counter.

The bed on the inside (fridge to the left).

An exquisite indoor fireplace.

A potted plant - or is it a Christmas tree?

The front of Shaya's house.

Back of Shaya's house.

A closeup of the front door. That's made of white icing shaped into what looks like a store-bought door!

A view of Shaya's roof.

Side - we were creative with Apple Valley's oat sesame sticks this year too. They added a nice natural texture.

A vew from the other side.

One cool wreath.

Another cool wreath!

While Shaya and Katelynn's houses were very elegant, mine was overstated. I wanted a reprise of Peppermint Patty's House of Hair - at least some significant candy canes on the roof.

We thought this one looked more like an Asian temple - with the curls on the tips and edges of the roof.

This house had a balcony. Julie added the wreathing.

Chimney and icing walls.

Front door.

A close up of the fence detail. I wanted to learn how to make this kind of a fence this year.

A closer view of the joker heads of these little gingerbread guys.

Santa with his sleigh. What do you think the bag of toys looks like?

And finally, Aubury's house of greetings.

Interesting bits in the yard.

Fun and colorful windows.

And a hi on this side!

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