Gingerbread Houses 2013

December 2013 we had one huge gingerbread decorating party. We had several people who were decorating for their first time. The group included Meleta, Katelynn, and Shaya; Lyn and Cindy; Krista; Paulson; Daniela; Julie; Terry, Sean & K.

A view of one of the decorating tables.

Julie building pretzel chairs.

Daniela's house and wishing well.

Note the pretzel roof and chocolate rock walls. And lots of green grass! This house is from Mexico!

A view of Daniela's house from the other side. Matching look all around!

Yellow lights hanging at the back of the house.

Krista's house is very colorful!

Matching yellow walls; green shrubs and a pink quinn candy house. Got those at La Candy Shoppe and they were a hit for decorating this year.

Lyn and Cindy's romantic cottage. Note the teddy bears on the roof.

Hearts on the back window.

Can you see the wagon in the middle (made of pretzels and peppermint candy wheels) and the log fire on the right?

Lots of great detail on this little cottage!

We made stained glass windows for Meleta this year, so she made a church. A tea light inside the church (added through a hole in the base) lights up.

The view from the side of Meleta's church.

The back of the church.

Side door of the church with little gingerbread cake decorating people going in. Pretty fancy door!
A wider view of the side of the church.
In this picture you can really see that it's a tea light inside. The windows are made of melted red jolly ranchers. They look yellow, though, don't they?!

A pond in the church yard.

And finally a fancy fence for the church.

Paulson's first gingerbread house.

Notice the front door, gingerbread men coming in, and the table and chairs to the right.

Paulson's house had a traditional Korean vine climbing up the house with a mulberry on the roof.

The back window of Paulson's house.

A better view of the table and chairs in Paulson's yard!

Looking down on the yard.

Shaya's house with a view of Santa and his reindeer just taking off from the yard.

Shaya's hobbit door out of an Oreo cookie.!

Shaya's reindeer - pretzels and 6 tiny candy canes for the antlers.

Of course Rudolph is guiding the sleigh tonight.

Shaya's Santa and his bag of toys along with a cool sled of candy canes and graham crackers!

Shaya's well and a little hobbit guy with wild candy cane hair.

Terry's house. Check out the lamp post!

Love the wreath above the front door.

What an adorable roof!


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