Gingerbread Cottage, Church, and Dog House 2008
With Meleta, Kaitlyn, Shaya and Julie

Kaitlyn requested a church this year. Julie had two leftover houses - a little one and a big one. We all worked on the cottage house; Janine, Julie & Meleta worked on the church; and Kaitlyn and Shaya did the dog house all on their own. Check out our pictures!!

The church from the front

The church from the back

A view from the back of the church. Note the cool fences!

A close up of the red bushes with green leaves and snowflake topping! Notice also the grass made of green skittles and other green candy.

Matching bells on the front of the church...

...and on the back of the church.

The front door. Notice the wreath across the top and the cookie path. Silver balls make great door handles!

A view from the back of the church. Noticed the walls - a row of chocolate pretzels, topped by straight pretzels, with two rows of teddy grahams to finish the wall decoration. Finally a wreath window to top it off.

We were running out of mini oreos, so Julie suggested this layering on the roof. Oreos, then shredded mini-wheats, then gingerbread flavored candy corn, topped with icing and little red and white candies.

The steeple was decorated with two kinds of Christmas candy corn. The cross at the top was held up with wrapped parchment paper until it solidified.

The tree in front of the church. Aren't the tiny snowflakes cute?!

A close up of the wreath/window from the back of the church.

In these pictures, you can see the wall better...

... and the matching windows & candy canes for both sides of the church.
After Julie put the little house together, Shaya and Kaitlyn decided it would make a great doghouse! They used the leftover inside oreo goo to craft carefully a dog. The two big black pieces are the eyes, and the ears are sticking up. Compare to the picture below and you'll see it's really quite a realistic looking dog!

Note the chew toy in front of the dog. The two red circles are the food & water dish. The water dish has a Swedish fish in it (see the pond below for a closer look of this gummy candy).

In the back yard are some dug up places where the dog buried his bones. Sorry we don't have a close up of the bones - real candy bones this year!

Another view of the front of the dog house. Some buried bone spots in the front of the doghouse too.

Finally, this is the cottage we all worked on together. Front view.

Back view of the cottage house.

The yard had a little pond. The red strip is the fishing pole. Note the two Swedish fish in the pond.

Love those little snowflakes this year!

The girls made a gingerbread Santa for the top of the house. Doesn't he look cool?!

And another view of the front of the house. This house had layered wall siding too - first licorice, then pralines, then straight pretzels. The front has a porch/overhang, with a little balcony at the top. Can you make it out? And this year again the yard is full of leftover m&ms and skittles. Yummy!

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