Gingerbread Castle 2007
With Meleta, Kaitlyn, Shaya and Julie

This year for our gingerbread making, Kaitlyn requested a castle. It took 5 batches of gingerbread, 35 pieces, and 8 hours to create and build. Then 3 hours to decorate. Here is the finished product with close ups of some cool details.

The back right.

The front from the right.

The front from the left.

The back left.
After Meleta made the moat water out of cotton candy, Kaitlyn talked about making an alligator. So Julie made a very cool alligator for her, along with an alligator house (like a dog house!).

The alligator's house.
Check out the alligator's teeth.

In the front yard is a decorated tree.

In the water is a frog on a lily pad.

Another important feature of a princess castle is a carriage. The carriage is pulled by two gingerbread men. A teddy graham is driving the carriage. Notice in the picture to the right how the icing where the reins are glued on looking kind of like a wintry wrap for the teddy graham.

One detailed side of the castle.

Kaitlyn made a ladder coming out of a window in the castle. Shaya hung candy canes on the ladder.

Another window had a long cord hanging out.

Notice the detailed leaves Julie iced on.

Another fun feature in the front yard was the snowman with his sombrero hat.

Every castle needs a wishing well!

Each tower was decorated with stone m&ms three quarters of the way up, with interesting decorations at the top.

Each of the towers was topped with a snow cone turret with hearts, candy canes and leaves.

The front two towers had fancy wreaths hung at the top.

The slanted roof in the middle of the castle.

Watch a video of us explaining what we made.

Finally, look at this picture of the Bunratty Castle we saw in Ireland last Christmas and this one too. I think the Bunratty Castle definitely influenced the creation of this gingerbread castle!

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