Gingerbread House 2006
With Meleta, Kaitlyn, and Shaya

This year I decided to renew the Christmas tradition of gingerbread houses. My friend Meleta's girls are old enough now - 4 and 10. I was so impressed with their patience, persistence and good ideas! Here's a sampling of our work this year.

Starting to glue on the roof. This year's roofing material was wheat chex.

We had trouble this year with too hard of icing. I need to check the recipe I'm using. We had so many icing bag hernias. Here's a few that made us laugh.

Putting on the finishing touches: making it snow with powdered sugar!

The finished product from the front.

A close up of the front.

I found these little already made marshmallow snowmen. They needed quite a bit of icing to prop up, but I think they are the best snowmen we've had yet.

Due to the too hard icing, making the tree this year was a major pain. My hand hurt so bad! But here it is, done in all its glory. Tiny red hots, red sprinkles, yellow m&ms at the top, and powdered sugar snow hide all it's imperfections.

Shaya started the design of this side with the big blue flower. Kaitlyn filled in the flowers on the left and ride, and Meleta covered the wall with peppermints. Yummy!

And of course, check out our gable complete with wreath!

This side started with too runny icing and the blue m&ms for the window sagging down. But doesn't it look great now! Everything is fixable with some icing and candy!! Don't you love the fence?

And Kaitlyn had a great idea to leave a hint of Santa. Look carefully for his mitten sticking out of the top of the chimney. And he left his toy bag beside the chimney. Isn't the red pretty?

Finally, the beautiful back door, complete with step and porch. What fun we had this year!

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