Gingerbread Nativity and Pioneer Memorial Church:
Church Decorations 2001

In the November 2001, a group of gingerbread enthusiasts offered to make decorations for the narthex display windows for December. Here's the story of the project and pictures of the process.


Pictures of the process of building the church and of building the nativity. The project took 6 batches of gingerbread, 11 batches of icing, and 150 "people" hours of work. People who helped were: James and Janine Lim, Janine Show, Julie Lim, (main work), and also Tonya and Jason Lim, Chris Treu, Judy Lim, Shirley Freed, Carletta Witzel, and Anne Carlson.

Pictures of the finished church.
Pictures of the finished nativity.