Singapore Trip 2002

I was so lucky to marry James Lim, whose Dad was born in Singapore. I went to school for three years (grade 9-11). Here's a sampling of pictures from my trip:

James' sister, Julie, and I sang for special music in the Balastier Rd. Church.

James and I in front of Sim Lim Square - where you can get computers and digital cameras and other electronics. No prices! This is the bargaining place! We found that the deals weren't quite as good as we remembered. The web has made it easier to get cheap electronics in the U.S. too.

James and I with his Uncle Kelvin who was our tour guide on the trip. We're at the Swensen's ice cream shop - a place that I remember a lot! We used to get Thin Mint ice cream from the Swensen's in the airport, and they'd pack it in dry ice. We'd fly back home to Pakistan where my parents were missionaries, and the stewardesses on Singapore Air would refill the dry ice so that it could make the 14+ hour trip back home.

James and I at the Singapore Botanic Gardens with orchids behind us in the National Orchid Garden.

MacRitchie Reservoir Park looks exactly the same. It's just a few blocks from where FEA used to be. We used to walk around the reservoir on Sabbath afternoons (about 7 miles around).

There's still lots of monkeys at the reservoir.

Flamingos at the Jurong Bird Park.

Me standing in front of part of the largest man made waterfall in the largest aviary for free flying birds.

The Merlion from another direction. James and I are standing in front.

The Esplanade. The new performing arts center that just opened. People call affectionately call it "the durian" because it looks like a durian.

Sentosa! There's a new dolphin show that wasn't there in '86-'89. I got picked to pet the dolphin and feed it! They are Asian pink dolphins. The island is under new management and is starting to have a "Disney" feel to it.

They've built a new big Merlion on Sentosa. You can climb up to the top and look out all around. Great view! At night during the fountain/light/music show, green lasers shine out of its eyes.

Couldn't resist a picture of this. This is the "wall" on the opposite side of the stalls in the bathroom. As you're washing your hands - you look out on pretty tropical foliage, hear birds singing, and sometimes a waterfall. They had bathrooms like this on Sentosa, as well as the zoo - probably at most of the tourist attractions. It's my sis-in-law, Janine, in the picture.

View from the top of the Merlion on Sentosa. Many ships that come and go through Singapore's port and harbour.

Raffles Hotel with me standing in front. Sir Raffles platted the Singapore city. Singapore was a British colony until 1959 when they gained independence.

East Coast Park, Sabbath afternoon.

James and I on a bumboat on the Singapore River.

Me on the bumboat again.

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