Posting Your Assignment in the Group Project Gallery

Save the file.
Click File, Save a Picture.
Find your folder on the hard drive.

(Mac, click desktop, hard drive, TEEC projects)
(PC, double click c:\, double click TEEC projects)

Give it a name and click Save or Ok.

Export the file.
Click File, Export a Graphic.
Find your folder on the hard drive as before if needed.
Change the type of file to a GIF.

Click OK/Save when done.

Get online and log back into the course.
Click on Groups
Click on your Group Project Gallery. (It's the only one with a link.)
Click on Group Discussion Board.

Click on the appropriate forum.

Create a new thread.
Click Add New Thread.
Type your name as the subject.
Write a short description of your project.

Click Browse in the Attachment area.
Find your file on the hard drive or C:\ in the TEEC Projects folder.
Double-click on your file. It's name should show up in the Attachment: box.
Click Submit.

To view your classmates' projects
Click on their message.
Click on the attachment file link to see their project.
Click Back in your browser to come back to the discussion area.
REPLY to at least one of your classmates' projects and give them feedback. Suggested starter words for your feedback:

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