Reading: KidPix Deluxe 3

Post a Reading activity file in your Group Project Gallery.

This week the KidPix choices focus on the Stamp Tool and how to create a template for various Reading assignments.

First, let's play with the new tools for this week.

Rubber Stamp (pastes pictures: use Shift to increase size by 1, use Shift+Option on the Mac and Shift+Ctrl in Windows to increase size by 2)

There's two ways to choose more stamps:

This option lets you choose different categories of stamps. Click the arrows find more categories.

Use these arrows to cycle through all the stamps for one category.

Eyedropper (under the color tool) (use this to pick up a color from a picture - then you can draw with that color using another tool)

Undo Guy (will undo the last thing you did). Click him several times. Note the funny things he says.

You can create project templates for your students by creating an file like a worksheet. Then save it in several places. Keep it on a disk in your pocket even! Teach your students to open the file; save it with their name, do the activity, and then save again. That way they won't accidentally save over your original worksheet/template.

Project Choices
Choose one of the following options for your project.

  1. Stamps: Write your name in Kid Pix, then find several stamps of things you like or that begin with the same sound as your name or that match the sound of each letter in your name.
  2. Stamps: Do a character study from a favorite book. Draw/illustrate the character and write several characteristics.
  3. Stamps: Create a new cover for a favorite book.
  4. Template: Create a template to fill in missing initial or ending sounds, or to add an ending to a list of words (-ing, -ed, -s, -es).
  5. Template: Create a character study template for your students to fill in.

When complete, post your project in your group discussion area. Here's a reminder on how to post the project in case you need it.

© 2002 Janine Lim and Marilyn Western.