TEEC Course Outline for College Credit

Course Title: Technology in the Early Elementary Classroom

Credit: 3 graduate credit hours

Dates and Times:  6-8 hours a week for 8 weeks; 45 content contact hours, 20 outside lab hours (see website for current dates)

Location: Online

Facilities: N/A

Organization: ATA Technology Academy

Audience: K-3 Teachers

Instructors: Janine Lim and Marilyn Western

Course Description:

This online course focuses on the integration of technology in the early elementary classroom. The course will include reading assignments from current journal articles, integration ideas for the core curriculum areas, hands-on practice with various technologies, and discussion with peers in the class.

Course Objectives: Participants will

Modes of instruction: Teachers in this course will participate in online collaborative groups, do hands-on activities in learning and practicing the software, access web sites, and read and discuss required reading covering current research and instructional theory.

Detailed Agenda:

This course will be instructor-led and paced throughout an eight week period. Three hours of contact time and three to five hours of estimated homework time will be included per week. .  Each week will include the following components within the suggested schedule:

Each week will include a different topic to focus on. Following are the topics for each week:

    1. Intro / Why Technology?
    2. Reading
    3. Writing
    4. Social Studies
    5. Science
    6. Math
    7. Assessment
    8. Present Project/Wrap Up


Course Requirements:

Active Participation Expectations
Active Participation in this class includes:

Method(s) of Evaluation/Grading:

100‑90% A

89‑80% B

79‑70% C

69-60% D

Course Grade

30% Attendance & Participation in Online Discussion (Responses to classmates and feedback for Do It Projects)
20% Initial Response to Reading (2.5%/week)
20% Do It Projects (2.5%/week)
30% Best Practice Lesson Plan/Unit or approved project