MACUL Online Class:
Technology in the Early Elementary Classroom

What are past participants saying about the course?

"I can't tell you how happy I am that I took this class. I have never learned so much practical technology stuff in any other sort of computer class. It has boosted my confidence in many other areas of technology. I'm more willing to try something new - instead of thinking I don't know how and never try!!" -K teacher

"This class gave me so much to share with my teachers that they are probably getting sick of me by now. I hope that the class will be offered next semester as I have been encouraging (nagging?!) several of mine to give it a try!" -Elementary principal

"I can't believe how much I have learned in eight weeks. My confidence about technology has increased dramatically. I am doing projects that I never dreamed I would be doing." -2nd Grade Teacher

" I think this type of course is a good way to encourage teachers to use technolgy more in their classroom. Even if they were just beginners there were plenty of good directions and encouragement given to get them excited about using tech more in the classroom. The discussion boards where we could share and interact with others in the course is very valuable- gives more feedback than just from the instructor and we all know the more people, the more ideas to try and share." -Library Media Specialist

"Whenever you take a class, you always fear that it my not be worthwhile. This class really met my needs in so many ways-- I am very grateful for the opportunity to have taken it--it will enhance my teaching and of course, my students..." - Special Ed Teacher

"The instructors were awesome. I really felt that they were always available with support, encouragement, understanding and knowledge." -3rd Grade Teacher

"I get new creative"high" every time I log on to this class!! I am learning sooo much ;)"

"I know personally this class has been very motivating to keep me teaching. I have a very rough group this year and thought of retiring. I found that this class was enough to get me to WANT to go to school to integrate tech with my students. (before this I dreaded going to work) It's given me the extra zip in my step and zest in learning something new after 30 years! I guess that's what we are suppose to do for our students--inspire and instill that love of learning. Thanks everyone!" - 2nd Grade Teacher

"I can really understand why it is so beneficial to take this class while school is in session and you can "do" these things with your students." - Computer Teacher

MACUL periodically offers the online course Technology in the Early Elementary Classroom. The course is instructor-led and is targeted to K-3 teachers who wish to increase their skills in using digital cameras, KidPix, Pixe, Tux Paint, and other technologies in the classroom. Lots of practical classroom ideas will be shared. Participants should expect to commit 6-8 hours a week to the class. Teachers are encouraged to sign up with a buddy teacher in their school.

You can do projects each week with one of the following: Digital Camera, KidPix Studio Deluxe (if you have Windows 95 or older or an old Mac), Kid Pix Deluxe 4 (If you have Windows XP or Mac OS X), Tux Paint (free software), or Tech4Learning's Pixie.

Instructors and Course Designers: Marilyn Western, ATA Lead Trainer 2001-2005, and Janine Lim, ATA Instructor 2001-2005.

Cost: $150 for MACUL members. Tuition is the responsibility of the participant.

Credit: 3 semester graduate credits.


Projects by Participants

What is offered in the class?
Each week focuses on a different area: Why Technology?, Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Assessment. Each week consists of the following components:

View a sample week's course materials. This sample shows the materials for week three focusing on reading instruction. You may also view a sample weekly schedule.

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I'm Ready To Sign Up. What Do I Need to Do?

1. Make sure you meet the prerequisites:

2. Are you sure online learning is for you? Look through this list and determine if you think online learning will work for you.

3. Do you have time for this course? Have you looked at your schedule and determined how you will get 6-8 hours in per week? The course is organized so that best participation includes an hour or two a day Monday through Friday, with the weekends used to catch up if necessary. There are four levels of participation in this course. Before you register, decide which level will work for you.

4. We recommend that you take this course with a partner and do the projects together. That way you'll have face to face assistance when you get stuck! At least two heads are better than one!

Questions? Email Marilyn Western.

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