Places I've Visited as a Missionary Kid
  When I was in 5th grade, my parents went as teachers to Pakistan at Pakistan Adventist Seminary. In traveling we visited these countries:
   Japan    India
   Phillipines    Netherlands
   Germany    England
   Switzerland    France
  After three years in Pakistan, I went to school in Singapore while my parents were still in Pakistan. While I studied in Singapore, I visited the following countries:
   Malaysia    Hong Kong    Taiwan
   Sri Lanka    Thailand    South Korea
  After our six years in Pakistan were finished, we moved to Michigan, USA to study. Upon completion of my freshman year in college, I went as a volunteer teacher (SM) to the Marshall Islands. I visited Guam while I was there.
  Also in my travel I have been through Hawaii four times. I hope to visit many more countries in my life. But currently I'm working contentedly in Michigan.

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