MACUL Journal Archive

Note: MACUL took these articles off of their website. I've added a select few back again.

Videoconferencing for Project Based Learning
MACUL Journal Winter 2010

Global videoconferencing will catch their attention!
MACUL Journal Fall 2005

Videoconference “field trip” programs provide connections to far away people and places
MACUL Newsletter March 2003

MysteryQuest videoconference exercises give middle school students a reason to research
MACUL Newsletter January 2003

Two-way video conferencing promotes cross-school projects connections and collaboration
MACUL Newsletter March 2002

Classroom teaching methods and goals must be considered when integrating technology into instruction
MACUL Newsletter January 2002

Tips for taking on-line classes provide many approaches for teacher self-education
MACUL Newsletter November 2001

"It's About Time!" is the theme of Berrien County ISD technology training program
MACUL Newsletter September 2001

Best virtual field trips give students many quality experiences
MACUL Newsletter March 2001

Rambling recollections of my first computer usage
Written for MACUL's 25th anniversary
MACUL Newsletter March 2001

Stages of technology integration and implications for staff development explored
MACUL Newsletter January 2001

Effective research techniques can enhance student use of Internet resources
MACUL Newsletter November 2000

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