Writing and Publications

Videoconferencing Out on a Lim
March 2005 I started a blog about videoconferencing to share experiences, curriculum thoughts, new resources, and technology rants related to K12 videoconferences.

Out on a Leadership Lim
February 2007 I started another blog on leadership to share my journey of the Leadership PhD from Andrews University.

Peer Reviewed Articles
Lim, J., & Freed, S. (2009). We have the videoconference equipment installed, now what? The Qualitative Report, 14(3), 433-453. Retrieved from http://www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/QR14-3/lim.pdf

Little Reading Books
I wrote a story line for the new A Reason for Reading books. The book is called Naaman. Click on the green arrow to see the whole book!

Journal of Adventist Education
1998 through 2004 I wrote a regular column entitled Out on a Lim with Educational Technology. View the archives.

MACUL Newsletter and Journal
I also write a regular column for the Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning. View the archives.

Other Articles

  • Lim, Janine. (Spring 2008). Using the ASK Process to Interview Authors and Specialists. Media Spectrum, (35)1, 24-26.
  • Lim, Janine and Porter, Sue. (December 2001). TWICE Supports Distance Learning in Michigan. 'etin (Newsletter for the National Association of Media and Technology Centers). 2-4.
  • Lim, Janine. (September/October 2001). Effective Internet Research. The Clearing House, 75(1), 35-36.
  • Freed, Janine. (1996). Exemplary Software for Teaching Writing. The Journal of Adventist Education, 58(5), 27-28.
  • Freed, Janine (1996). Special Education Metaphor Number Two: Two Gardens. The Journal of Adventist Education, 58(2), 44-45.

27 Pictures of Jesus
I wrote the text for this online book, and students at Ruth Murdoch Elementary School illustrated the text.

My Songs
Read the lyrics of some of my songs.

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