Videoconferencing: Discover the Possibilities

Oh the places you will go with desktop videoconferencing such as Skype/Festoon or room based H.323 videoconferencing with equipment from companies such as Polycom. Learn about free NASA programs, quality interactive content from zoos and museums, and amazing videoconferencing projects for your students. Find out what technology you need to participate and how to being bringing the world into your classroom.


Free Proprietary Desktop VC Tools

Free Open Source H323 Desktop VC Tools


H323 Desktop VC

H323 Set Top VC

  • Polycom (There are others, but these are the best in my opinion. They have great specials for education.)


Finding Partners

Partners for H323 Videoconferencing


Online Classes About Videoconferencing

Andrews credit available!

Finally, keep some perspective with Take a Hike, an article on nature deficit disorder.

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