AU Leadership Portfolio: 3b Legal and Policy Issues


Law/Policies: Providing boundaries
Law/Policies: Providing boundaries

Leadership applies and understands the scope of a legal and policy structure appropriate for their field.

*Satisfactory Competency Level

My work for this competency includes the assignments for the K12 School Law class, work on policies in two organizations I serve, my contribution to my Leadership and Learning Group, and my reflection paper. The table below matches the organization in my approved LLP.


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A. Videoconference usage policies.

These policies are for the use of the videoconferencing system in Berrien and Cass counties.

Competency Connection
The policies show my ability to create and maintain policies related to my work.

i. VC Policies and Procedures

B. Adventist Virtual Learning Network (AVLN) policies

Over the last couple years, significant change in volunteer staff has made it difficult to keep up with maintaining and offering the AVLN classes. We had made some attempts at documenting policies and procedures, but the full task needed to be addressed.

Competency Connection
The policies show my ability to collaboratively create and maintain policies for a volunteer organization. These policies were compiled and cowritten with David Jeffery, the AVLN treasurer. Some portions of the policies had been written in the past by a previous registrar.

Artifact Descriptions
i. The actual AVLN course policies document.

ii. This feedback is from one of the AVLN board members and course committee members.

Files unlinked for privacy, confidentiality, or intellectual property reasons.

i. AVLN Course Policies

ii. Feedback from an AVLN board member.

C. EDAL 560 School Law

This class with Dr. Furst provided the bulk of the learning for this competency.

Competency Connection
My study in this class developed my understanding of American law for K12 public and private schools.

Artifact Descriptions
i. Throughout the class, I completed 32 case study analysis assignments. These are gathered into one file here.

ii. This email from my professor, Dr. Furst, is summative feedback in response to my final exam.

Files unlinked for privacy, confidentiality, or intellectual property reasons.

i. Class assignments

ii. Feedback from my professor

D. TWICE (Two Way Interactive Connections in Education) Policies

TWICE is Michigan's K12 videoconferencing organization, and still very young. It began in 2002. We have not yet formally documented policies and procedures. I wrote this into my LLP, thinking that I would be able to complete this during my studies. However, I have not been in a position of power to accomplish the full completion of the policies during my PhD studies. I have however, been able to convince the group to work towards this goal.

Competency Connection
The policies show my ability to collaboratively create and maintain policies for a volunteer organization.

Artifact Descriptions
i. I started this draft of the policies when I was president of TWICE in 2004-2005.

ii.These procedures are a portion of the policies that need to be completed. This part is for the conference committee, which I was chair of for several years in a row. Now that these policies and procedures have been documented, others have been able to carry on that role.

iii. During the June 2009 meeting, we discussed sustainability of the organization, reorganized the committees, and decided that each committee should document their procedures during the 2009-2010 school year.

iv. At the December 2009 meeting, the board voted to use this document developed by the projects committee (of which I am a member) to document the procedures. I did not create the document, but I encouraged the committee chairperson, who created it, to submit it to the rest of the board as a template for documenting each committee's work.

So while I personally have not been able to finish this goal from my LLP, the board continues to work towards it under my encouragement.

Files unlinked for privacy, confidentiality, or intellectual property reasons.

i. Initial draft of policies

ii. Documenting procedures for the TWICE sessions at the MACUL conference and the agreement with the conference sponsor

iii. June 2009 Retreat Minutes

iv. Template for documenting policies and procedures by each committee

E. Leadership and Learning Group Contribution

Due to my interest in educational technology, I wanted to read extra in the area of cyber law as it pertains to schools.

Competency Connection
This book review/reflection is my contribution on law to the learning of my group.

i. CyberLaw Book Review


Reflection Paper

In this reflection paper, I review my growth on this topic during my Leadership studies, how I have applied my new learning to my work, and specific reflections on cyberlaw and copyright. I end with considerations on improving my practice and areas of future learning.


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