AU Leadership Portfolio: 1b Ethics, Values, and Spirituality


Spirituality: Reaching up to God
Spirituality: Reaching up
to God

Leadership functions from a set of principles and standards that guides their work and all their relationships with others.

*Satisfactory Competency Level

As a Adventist Christian, I have a strong set of principles and standards that guide my work. However, my studies have increased the explicit expression of my principles in my work and relationships and begun to resolve the conundrum of integrating my faith into my secular workplace.

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Evaluations or verification artifacts are indicated with this icon.
Leadership and Learning Group contributions are indicated with this icon.




A. LEAD 645 Ethical Leadership

In the fall of 2008, I took Duane Covrig's class on Ethical Leadership for 1 credit.

Competency Connection
The materials from this class engaged a deeper thinking on ethical situations and concepts. These artifacts show my ability to think about and apply ethical leadership to my work.

Artifact Descriptions
The artifacts included in this section show the growth of my learning in this class. The first artifact is a collection of the initial posts that I wrote in response to the instructors questions.

The second artifact is a case study analysis of an ethical situation in my work for the TWICE board. (Unlinked for confidentiality reasons.)

i. Class discussion posts.
ii. Case study analysis.

B. Notes and comments from  colleagues.

The evaluations and verifications included here show feedback from colleagues.

Competency Connection
These notes show feedback from people influenced and are peer evaluations. They functioned as formative feedback to help me continue best practice.

Artifact Descriptions
The first one is a note from a co-facilitator for the cross-country videoconference workshop called Jazzing Up Your Curriculum with Videoconferencing. We invited a guest speaker to do a program on hissing cockroaches. The presenter told us to ship them back afterwards and not tell UPS because they don't allow the shipping of live insects. I protested as shown in the email.

The second one is a note from a colleague in a small group Bible study that I started in the fall of 2008. Several of us are friends and colleagues in the videoconferencing world. We decided to study a book called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. This spiritual small group continues to be a blessing and source of spiritual growth for all of us. The note is feedback from one of the participants.

Files unlinked for confidentiality.

i. My email to the presenter, and a lead facilitator's response to me.

ii. Feedback on the small group from one of the participants.

C. Leadership and Learning Group Contribution

These article summaries share the servant leadership perspective on ethics and spirituality in the workplace.

Competency Connection
These articles were an important part of my reading on ethics and spirituality and I wanted to share them with my LLG as well. Most of them are also referenced in my reflection paper.

Artifact Descriptions
These reviews were shared with my LLG via our Moodle online community.

i. Reviews of article connecting servant leadership to ethics and spirituality.

Reflection Paper

In this reflection paper, I consider the foundations of my spirituality, values and ethics, and what has shaped and molded my belief system. Then I think about the challenges and tensions of living and sharing my faith appropriately in my workplace. Next I make connections between my spirituality and my servant leadership. I review the potential for casting shadow that I have learned throughout my study, and consider ways to reduce the shadows I cast. Specific ethical challenges in information technology work are discussed, followed by my thoughts about future growth in this area.

Reflection paper unlinked for confidentiality. AU Leadership participants may request a copy if desired.


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