Email Message from Classroom Connect to the Author on The Millennium Project

The Millennium Project described in our recent catalog has grown and evolved to be part of a year-long inquiry-based Web site. You will still be able to explore the most important events of the last 100 years. This new Web site, called ClassroomToday, will be launched this September. In addition to exploring the century and the millennium, this new product will cover other curriculum topics such as explorers, Colonial America, earthquakes and volcanoes, fossils, and the human body.

ClassroomToday topics will be available this fall free of charge on the Classroom Connect Web site. ClassroomToday will be a great way to kick off your school year with the first topic covering the major events of the century. I'm including a few links in this email in case you'd like to preview some great Web resources we've found while putting together our millennium-related pages.

Be sure to check out now to see our new ConnectedTeacher site, where you'll find a teacher community that you can be part of--just by registering, you can receive some great prizes! Then in September, when you visit, you can use ClassroomToday--an easy way to integrate the Internet into your existing curriculum.

The following Web resources may be useful this summer as you consider teaching students about the most important people and events of the millennium.

Life's Millennium

At a Glance Millennium Tour

Time's Century

News Stories of the Century

Information Please Recent History

Lost and Found Sound

John R. Good Elementary's Millennium Mystery

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