Myra and Sabrina's Gingerbread House,
Christmas '99

Myra and Sabrina decorated their house with Janelle and Julie

Sabrina created the wonderful bay window with stocking hung in it. Julie went crazy with icing on the roof!

Janelle beautifully decorated the front of this house. Notice the detail on the door and the wreath above it. Julie decorated the tree. Myra did the lamppost.

Myra decorated the back side of this house. Notice the detail on the windows.

Notice the wonderful chimney on this side. It is full and overflowing with chocolate miniature marshmallows.
Julie used a piece of spaghetti and icing to add the wisp of smoke.

This is a closeup of the tree in the front yard, by Julie.

I love this window - with teddy grahams in the window.

Here's a closeup of the famous chimney. It was constructed from a leftover gingerbread roof piece.

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