Janine's Gingerbread House, Christmas '99

Janine's house was mainly done by Janine, Anne, Leah, and Julie

Janine did most of this side. Notice the gable, of which I am very proud! Julie added the icicles and the green garland along the roof.

Leah did most of this side. Notice the m&m patterns and the wonderful wreath. The wreath is a decorated dried apple.
Sabrina added the wonderful roof topping of teddy grahams.

This is the back door. Anne did most of this side. Notice the neat door! Julie decorated the fencing so nicely.

Notice the front side, mostly done by Janine. Julie decorated the tree and Myra did the wonderful lamppost.

This is my house from an angle. I took the picture without the flash, that's why it's not as bright.

Here's my gable, close up. Aren't the teddy grahams cute? I went through about 5 graham crackers trying to get the construction right.

Another new feature this year is my porch. It's a little hard to tell in the picture, but the columns are about half an inch out from the wall. Julie decorated the top of the porch with red and brown icing. A gingerbread man sits in front.

This is a close up of the pretty wreath that Leah decorated.

This is a close up of the tree that Julie decorated - almost completely with icing. Note the wonderful dark green icing.

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