Gingerbread Houses 2014

A bunch of houses by family, friends, and colleagues. We had two shifts of people coming over to decorate. Tonya and A; Marsha, K & H; Denise, L, L & W; David and Tania, N, M, & E; Patience and Samuel; Meleta and Shaya; Daniela; Paulson and P; D & D; Glynis.

Tonya and A's house.

Note to red candied lighthouse.

Daniela's Mexican house.

Christmas grass.

David's house.


W's house.

Gum drop roof.

A fruity door and path.

Christmas trees

Denise's house

Candy door and gingerbread boy fence.

D's house

The other D's house

Glynis' house

Pretzel fence!

K & H's log cabin with chocolate rock path.

Note the evergreen tree.

L's house.

The other L's house.

M's house.

Pretzel star on the tree.

N's house.

Candy cane light; sour candy path.

P's house

Note the pretzel chairs and table.

Patience and Samuel's house

Paulson's house. Creative trees.

Julie made an octagon house for Marsha. Notice the snowman tree.

Rice krispie chimney.

Meleta and Shaya's house.

Red and green glory

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