Gingerbread Herb Garden 2014

This year, since Julie was going to visiting for a while in December, we decided to make something crazy: a replica of the herb garden at Fernwood - since we love Fernwood and gingerbread both!

The bench circles. Benches were put away already for the winter.

Chocolate rock circle, pretzel stick tree and some bushes.

Rock wall corner garden box.

Chocolate rock corner with bay leaves growing.

Herb garden dovecote.

Gingerbread herb garden dovecote.

Fence at the back of the herb garden.

Gingerbread fence and forest behind (with winter aconite flowers of yellow m&ms).

Front flower patches..

Bits of holly, green chocolate candies, and chocolate sunflower seeds.

Herb garden boxes.

Made of pretzels and graham crackers, oreo sticks, and real herbs.

Six hexagon hedges.

Hedges of mints.

Rock edged path on both sides.

Chocolate rocks and tootsie roll pavement.

Winter trees on either side of the circle.

Stick pretzel trees.

The crazy rice krispie trees.

Looking down on the herb garden.

Panorama shot of the back of the herb garden.

Back of the herb garden.

Panorama shot of the front of the herb garden.

The front.

The finished product installed at Fernwood, and dusted with powdered sugar snow.

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