Gingerbread Houses 2010
A Starbucks Coffee Shop by Janine

I was in a monochromatic mode this year. After building the red house of hair, and the brown/yellow travel agency, I wanted to do green. Starbucks!

The front. One thing cool about this house, is that it even smells like coffee! Meleta contributed some coffee beans for the path. They are lined, of course, with black chocolate rocks.
Pretzel doors. Green fat lights on the gable.
Lots of green bushes. With green skittles piled here and there around the yard.
Julie made a green and white tree for me - decorated with snowflakes of course!
The walls started at the bottom with a couple rows of green chocolate rocks, then two layers of green skittles, then pastel green party mints, then more skittles hanging from the eaves.
Look at the back of the sign to see how it stood up. Also, you can't see too well, but there are tiny Christmas trees on the roof.
A first attempt at the sign. Couldn't get Starbucks to fit.
Coffee is shorter to write. Note the black chocolate rocks. I love how they look!

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