Gingerbread Houses 2010
Gingerbread Barber Shop by Janine

This house has the "hair" look - both with the candy canes and the barber look. We brainstormed names for it together, and finally settled on "Peppermint Patty's House of Hair". I also like this one because it has all red & white, Canadian colors!

Julie made the tree for me, decorated with red hearts and white snowflakes.
The back door. Matching pretzel doors on front & back. The fence is made of yogurt covered pretzels alternating with stacks of 3 red skittles.
The front path is made of pink chocolate rocks, and lined with the black chocolate rocks standing up tall.
The roof has two rows of 13 small candy canes on each side, then two large candy canes threaded through the hooks. That's a total of 56 candy canes on the roof alone!
Mint red and white candy corn make up the walls on both sides.
Piles of red skittles are scattered around the yard. Notie the back of the sign to see how we stood it. up.
A close up view of the sign. This was my first year to actually write with icing. It was really fun to label the houses this way, with different designs for each sign. In this pic you can see the path rocks better too.

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