Gingerbread Houses 2010
A Travel Agency by Janine and Meleta

A travel agency is another essential shop in our village.

The Travel Agency. The path is made of chocolate rocks. Chocolate rocks on the front and under the sign. Tiny teddy grahams across the top of the sign.
Travel Back
A chocolate rock chimney up the back. (Should have made a matching chimney on top!)
An angled view. Julie made the tree - by request it only had brown and yellow and white on it. The brown bits are tiny little gingerbread men.
Meleta added the fence around the edge - the natural look with white & green. She did the first layer of the roof and I added the yellow skittles.
The log cabin look on both sides.
Yellow skittles sprinkled in the yard for Jeremy to eat.
Another attempt at a balcony. I really wanted a good balcony this year. I like this one better. The half pretzels worked really well. Not as heavy as candy. The dark redish lights are bakedbean peanut candies.

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