Gingerbread Houses 2010
A Gingerbread Toy Shop by Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn made this toy shop with a pastel look. Half way through she thought it might be a better Claire's shop; except for the teddy graham children peeking in the window. So it stayed a toy shop.

Toy Shop
I really like the pink & pastel & light green look of this toy shop!
Toy Shop
Believe it or not, I did the roof in all pink candy. Kaitlyn did the rest.
Look carefully to see the teddy grahams peeking in the window.
A view from the back. Pink and grey chocolate rocks are scattered in the yard.
I really like the pink & grey stones on the top of the wall. We used those chocolate rocks on just about every house this year!
Matching sides! Nice artistic look!
Side Silver
A closer look at the side. Note the silver balls decorating the mints.
It looks so classic!

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