Gingerbread Houses 2010
A Gingerbread House for Mrs. Claus by Janine

I created this house for a prop for our Mrs. Claus videoconferences at work. I'm hoping to preserve it with acrylic spray.

Mrs. Claus' Gingerbread House
A view from the front.
Mrs. Claus
A view from the front. This gingerbread house is from a warm place. See the grass peeking up between the stones of the path?
I saw a balcony in a book this year, and so I decided I wanted one on this house. But I had a hard time getting the candy to stay on straight. And it doesn't stick out far enough to really look like a balcony.
Mrs. Claus
A view from the back.
Back Door
The back door.
The front path and candy cane fence.
Side Side
Matching side walls.
Lots of green icing on the roof.

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