Ideas That We Discarded

When working on the nativity, we tried several ideas before we figured out what would work best. Here's a few ideas we decided not to go with.

At first we thought we'd make the people out of candy. Here's a tootsie roll head.
We thought these could be the wisemen. But their heads were pretty heavy and didn't harden well enough to be strong.
Here's some shepherd bodies and heads sleeping on "hay" pillows. We thought this might work, with flattened tootsie rolls as clothes. They would be kneeling so that's why there aren't any legs.
See the green and purple shepherd behind? Not quite proportional for the manger, and a wee bit tacky, we thought. So we scrapped the idea for gingerbread people.

When decorating the camels, we thought a patriotic camel might be fun considering recent events. But we decided to keep the nativity scene focused on the real story. Still, we had to get a picture!

Be sure to see the process of what we really did make for the nativity!