Pictures of the Finished Church

Here's a picture of the whole window with a wide view. Notice the great backdrop by Kim Amor.
A close up of the parking lot. Powdered sugar added the finishing touches.
Notice the usual little jam up of cars where many people drop off loved ones before going to park. Nice view of the wreaths above the windows too.
We are particularly proud of the purple (it's black in real life) jolly rancher satellite dish.
Here's another close up. Note the tiny lamps beside the doors too. Icing!
Another wreath - and notice the garland hanging from the sides of the church too.
A teal candy race car represents our senior pastor's teal vehicle.
A close up of the circle side entrance.
Close up of the parking lot.
Close up of the wreath and a stained glass window.
And one final view. Be sure to see it in person this Christmas season if you can. Visit our events and news page to see what Christmas concerts or Sabbath services you'd like to attend!