My Walk with God

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This story was written at the suggestion of a friend after we had talked about heaven. As I wrote that Friday night, I knew I wanted to include a friend, but I wasn't sure who or how. Sabbath morning upon arriving at church, I found that one of my good friends had been killed in a car accident while I was writing the story. His name is Dave Eager, and he was an inspiration to our youth group. Soon we will see him again, and heaven will be a zillion times better than we could ever imagine!

My Walk With God

The darkening blue of the sky filters through the leaves of the giant oak tree sprawling above me. From its dark green depths I hear a nightingale sing out its joyous praise of the Creator. A meadow lark warbles from a mulberry bush that is hugging a pile of boulders in the corner of my yard. The branches of the bush, laden with dark purplish red fruit, reach out to tickle my feet as I lie beneath it. My eyes travel across the curtain of leaves that separates my garden from my grassy yard.

I had trained some vines to climb the graceful birches, and they entangle their leafy tendrils between the tall white trees. A breath of fragrance wafts from the tiny violet star-flowers on the hanging vine. The sun shifts, tossing rays of light through the star-studded vine. A lively breeze, catches the vine and frolics with its twines, causing shadows to dance on the golden wall of my mansion.

I roll over to look at the sun and the view is exhilarating! The sky is ablaze with splendid color: gold, red, orange, violet, and vivid colors beyond our earthly imagination. It is an exquisite background to the gently rugged, white mountain that the Prince gave me. Brilliant rainbows frame a dazzling ball of fire that attempts to burn up the horizon and then loses the battle as it slowly disappears. The colors fade, and my thoughts turn to Him. "How wonderfully awesome He is! I love Him with all my heart!

My beautiful little sea-green bird flutters down beside me, and with a chirp of gladness alights on a small twig nearby my brook. The water chuckles as it merrily rushes over the rocks.

"Beryla," I say, "Why are you so happy? Know why I'm happy? 'Cause Someone I love said He'd go for a walk with me this evening. I'm so excited I can hardly wait!"

I look up, seeing the deep blue sky with the bright stars of Orion's sword twinkling near us. One brilliant orange star, a little farther away, winks at me and shouts in celebration! I chuckle at the name we had for it on earth - Betelgeuse!

Suddenly I feel a presence near me, and stretching my wings, I leap up with a praise song! I marvel again that this glorious Being loves me and wants to be my friend. With a smile God says, "I love you, my child." My heart skips a beat as I smile back at Him.

He wants to show me His newest creation, so I call Jasper, my German shepherd, and Shammai, my blue-eyed snow leopard. Together we follow the path into the dense green forest beyond my fruitful garden. As we pass the tall, deep green ferns and luxuriously perfumed flowers, I notice how God's glory causes the flowers to shimmer in varied hues. I look up at Him in awe and love as He describes His new creation. I love it when He tells me the intricate details of the universe. I've always enjoyed science even on earth.

Nearby a lion cub and a lamb are romping in a beautiful meadow; Jasper and Shammai scamper off to join them. The moon radiantly beams on the playful scene, and shadows frolic on the golden grass rippling in the breeze. The towering trees sway in time to the whispering rhythm of the wind.

We saunter beneath an enormous maple tree. From its colorful foliage - red, yellow, orange, and green - comes a lilting melody. A couple of emerald parrots emerge to show their gorgeous plumage, lifting their voices to God in adoration. He gives me one of those smiles that lights a fire in my soul. Then He tenderly takes my hand and bids me follow.

We round a corner and I gasp in wonder. A meadow is before us - an incredible meadow! Encircled by firs covered with snow is a sea of silver grass bowing at God's feet. His fantastic glory transforms the silver into zillions of tiny rainbows. Impulsively, I too bow in devotion with a melody of praise.

Then I hear familiar voices joining mine. I turn around and on the other side of the meadow is a pile of boulders blanketed in a mass of royal purple and glittering gold moss. Sitting there are my friend, Dave, and his guardian angel, Shema. They wave a greeting with their wings and resume their animated conversation.

"Tell me again the story of redemption," I beg my Father. He chuckles at my eagerness and then begins telling the wonderful tale. I love the sound of His voice. It's so gentle yet rich with harmony. I am caught up in the story, and time flies by on wings of pleasure.

We meander through a grove of eucalyptus trees and savor the pungent aroma of their pale green leaves. The dusty rose tree trunks file off to meet purple headed mountains on the horizon. We climb a rolling hill carpeted in deep green moss to find a breath-taking view at the top. Down in the valley, sheltered by frosty trees and snow covered pines, is a secluded little lake with mist arising like incense. We mount up like eagles and fly down to the bank of the lake. We sit there as God continues recounting the story of our deliverance from evil. After a while we resume the delightful journey, strolling through bowers of fragrant flowers, ambling through enchanting woods, and sauntering across grassy meadowlands.

As He nears the end of the story of salvation, my heart again bursts with awe and wonder that Jesus died for me; that He and this glorious Being love me! I sing in exaltation and this time the stars join me with a triumphant descant. God is so awesome! and that is a mega-understatement!!

As the song softens, I hear the deep rolling laughter of the river of life. The closer we get to the river, the more tropical plants we see! Shining through the palm leaves the full moon smiles upon us. I pull off a few palm branches and lay them in God's path. As His feet touch them they take root and shoot up into more palm trees. I laugh in delight, but He tells me to wait and see His newest creation.

We come to the crystal clear river of life, and He bids me drink of the delicious water. Then He picks a grape-apple from the tree of life and hands it to me. I remember we ate them at the banquet when we came here - the table reached for miles and we could see everyone! But eating that fruit with God so close to me gives it a taste almost as glorious as He is.

He sits down on the glistening silver and gold grass and calls "Ahian!" I flop down amazed as a sapphire fish with jacinth wings gracefully glides to the shimmering surface of the water. Its eyes burn like fire, and its pale pink fins flutter causing diamond shaped ripples in the clear water.

As the gorgeous fish flies up, the dripping water crystallizes into diamonds. Dropping a couple at my feet, it begins to praise God. I listen enthralled, and to my utter astonishment I find this beautiful fish can sing 24-part harmony!

We sit there for a while enjoying the joyful strains of music. Finally God tells me He must visit someone else. I thank Him over and over and sing an anthem of praise and joy. He tells me He'll be with me always, and that maybe next millennium I will understand how He could leave and still be with me. As He leaves I sense that His presence is still with me, and I am comforted.

I feel a wing tip on my shoulder and turning around I see Jahdai, my guardian angel. He is riding his sapphire unicorn, and my pure white one is close behind. "Come on," he says, "let's go visit another galaxy!" I jump on my unicorn and we ride off into the universe.

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