I've heard hell is a place of eternal torment.

    Recently some pastors and evangelists have spoken against the doctrine of eternal punishing and in favor of the biblical teaching that the wicked will be eradicated and be no more. One such preacher and lay scholar is Edward William Fudge, in his book entitled The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of Final Punishment (Houston, Tex.: Providential Press, 1982).

     Beginning his research he says, "The greatest reason for talking about hell is also the simplest and most obvious. Jesus our Savior spoke of it -- more than once and in the most serious tones. Whenever He speaks, we will do well to listen. We also do well to be careful how we hear" (p. 21). In concluding his research he says, "The Old and New Testaments alike, in a multiplicity of ways, terms, figures, pictures, expressions and examples, declare time and time again that the wicked finally will pass away and be no more, that righteousness will then fill the universe, and that God will then forever be all in all. Not one time in all of Scripture does God say that any human being will be made immortal for the purpose of suffering conscious everlasting torment" (p. 434).

What does the Bible say?



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