The Process

  1. First you'll be assigned to a team of 4 students by your teacher. Each of you will have a role.
  2. As a team, you will explore information on the 10/40 window and tentmaker ministries and choose a target country.
    1. What is a tentmaker?
    2. What is the 10/40 window?
      1. Least Evangelized Countries
      2. Poorest of the Poor
      3. Religions in the 10/40 window
    3. What countries are in the 10/40 window?
    4. Reaching Out to the 10/40 Window
  3. As a team, prepare to work in this country as a tentmaker. You will make a presentation recommending to your family why you should go to this country, how you will prepare to live and work there, and what your occupation will be in the country.
  4. Before you get on the Internet, print this Research Planner. You'll need Acrobat Reader installed to read it.
  5. As you are finding information, use this guide to keep track of your resources for a bibliography in your report.

Useful Links for All Roles

Role #1 (Occupation Investigator): Investigate the industries and economy of the country. Find where they may need outside help and may be willing to hire someone from your country. Choose an occupation that you can do in that country. Give a rationale for why you chose it based on the information you found on the industries and economy.

Role #2 (Living Analyst): Prepare to live in the country. Find out what people's favorite recreation/sports are. Find out what the schools are like. Can you attend those or would you need to find another source of education? What is the weather like? What kind of dress is appropriate in the country? What language do they speak?

Role #3 (Needs Analyst): What are the needs in this country? Where can you meet the needs of the people? Physical? Hunger? Farming? Computer use? Teaching English? Is ADRA or AWR servicing the country? What is the main religion? What are the people like? How will you need to adapt to them?

Role #4 (Lawyer): What is the government like in the country? Do they support religious freedom? What are the laws like? What is transportation like in the country? How will you get from one place to another? What are the major cities? Where do you think you should start your ministry? How will the government and transportation affect your work there?

Be sure that each of you answers all the questions for your role. Then prepare your report as directed by your teacher.

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