Activities for Uzbekistan

Language Arts

  • Visit the Uzbekistan Cyber Gallery and look at the pictures of Uzbekistan, especially the capital. What do you think it is like to live there? If you visited, what would you want to see?
  • Visit the Embassy of Uzbekistan and look at Travel and Tourism. What four cities used to be part of the Silk Road? What is unique about each of them? What is unique about your town/city?
  • What languages are spoken in Uzbekistan? What are the main two religions?

Social Studies

  • Visit Atlapedia Online and look at the history of Uzbekistan. When and from whom did Uzbekistan gain its independence?
  • Visit Atlapedia Online and find out what the major exports of Uzbekistan are?
  • Visit Atlapedia Online and describe the land forms in Uzbekistan. Then look at the political map. What countries surround Uzbekistan? What is the capital? If you need help, look at this map too. What body of water is partially inside Uzbekistan's borders?


  • Visit Atlapedia Online and look at the transport. What is the length of the railroads in miles? What is the length of the roads in miles? How many more miles of roads are there?


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