Activities for Thailand

Language Arts

  • Visit .asiatour and look at the photo gallery and the video clips. What did you learn about Thailand? What would you like to visit there?
  • Visit .asiatour and read about the national anthem. How is it similar to yours? How is it different? What do you think of the King's anthem.
  • Visit the Land of Smiles and read about the food. What would you like to taste?
  • Read about the Thai New Year. What do people do with water, strings, and white powder? If you're really feeling adventurous, celebrate this at home.

Social Studies

  • Visit the Land of Smiles and read about the history. How is Thailand different from other countries in Southeast Asia? Read about the Rattanakosin and find out how they managed to not be colonized. What name did Thailand used to have?
  • Visit Thailand and look up the month you're in right now. What festivals are happening in Thailand? Which would you like to see?
  • Look at this CIA map of Thailand and the Atlapedia maps of Thailand. Describe the land forms. What countries border Thailand? What body of water is in the south? What is the capital?
  • Visit the CIA Factbook page of Thailand and read about the economy. What are some of the industries? Where does the highest percent of the income come from?


  • Visit Destination Thailand and look at the money and costs. What is Thai money called? If you took US $200 to Thailand, how much Thai money would you have? If you ate the cheapest restaurant meals and stayed in the cheapest mid-range hotels, how many days could you stay?


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