Activities for Sudan

Language Arts

  • Visit ArabNet - Sudan and read about the food and drink. Of all the foods described, which would you like to eat? Is anything similar to what you eat?
  • Visit ArabNet - Sudan and read about the climate. Of the three areas in Sudan, where would you prefer to live? Why?

Social Studies

  • Visit this exhibition from the University of Chicago. What people group lived in Sudan? What country conquered them two times (B.C.)? Look at the historical pictures. What did you like? What did you learn? Also see this page for more info on Nubia.
  • Look at this map of ancient Nubia and compare it with this modern map from Atlapedia. What countries share Nubian heritage? Where are most of the cities in ancient Nubia? Where are most of the cities now? Why do you think that is?
  • Visit the Encyclopedia of the Orient and look up the Nile River. Where does it start? What do you think Sudan would be like without the river?
  • Visit ArabNet - Sudan and look at the map and geography. What is the capital? What two rivers converge at its location? How do you think this would benefit the city?
  • Visit Miftah Shamali - Sudan and the U of Penn Sudan for more information.


  • Visit Atlapedia: Sudan and find out the area in km. What is the population? About how many people live in each square km? Read about the location and geography. Do you think the people are evenly spread throughout the country? Why?


  • Visit ArabNet - Sudan and read about the Christian history. Pray that the Sudanese will return to their Christian roots.
  • Read the latest news from Sudan. What can you pray for?
  • *Read ADRA News and this too about Sudan and Sudan refugees. What can you pray for?

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