Bulletin Board Layout


 Bulletin Board Items

Title: This goes at the top of the bulletin board.

Country Name (download .pdf sample)

Map and Flag. This sheet doesn't have a country label/name for testing/learning purposes. (download .pdf sample)

Prayer Needs: We prayed for one each day of the week. I compiled these prayer needs from the book Operation World (see bibliography). (download .pdf sample)

An Explanation of the 10/40 Window (download a .pdf sample)

Other Small Headings

Coming Countries

At the beginning of each quarter, I made a list of which countries we would study for the week.

Things You Found

This area was reserved for students to post information they have found from the news, old clippings, pictures, old/new mission stories, info from encyclopedias, and artifacts.

Discovery Sheets

For the African countries, I found a book that had worksheets for each country. Since I wasn't teaching social studies, I alternated requiring it for reading and language since they had to read and write to figure out the answers.

Sample Quizzes

Quiz.pdf and quiz2.pdf (two variations of a review)

Sample bulletin board layout in pdf format

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