Activities for Oman

Language Arts

  • Visit ArabNet - Oman and find out what a souq is. What would you like to see there?
  • Visit ArabNet - Oman and look at the history about independence. Read about the castle and look at the pictures. Who built the castle and what happened to them?

Social Studies

  • Visit ArabNet - Oman and read about the Omani empire. See this map to see where Zanzibar is. How far east did the empire extend? Print this map and color the general area where the empire was. (You may need to look at your globe!)
  • Visit ArabNet - Oman and look at the map and this map. Describe the land forms. What countries surround Oman? What is the capital? What bodies of water border Oman and where? Why do you think some of the borders are not defined?
  • Visit OmanNet and learn about the economy in Oman. What makes up a significant part of their income? What do they spend most of their money on? For a fun challenge for students in the US, play the short version of the budget simulation. Leave the budget the same (hold even) and see where the US spends the most money. What do you think of the difference?
  • Read about the Search for Ubar. Why couldn't people find this city? Include info about the Empty Quarter in your answer. What did NASA do to help? For fun, take the Ubar quiz.
  • Visit and StudyWeb's Oman page for more information.


  • Visit Omanet and look at the national data. What is their money called? If you took US $100 to get it exchanged, how much Omani money would you have?
  • Visit Omanet and look at the national data. How many hours a week do the Omani work? What two days make up their "weekend"? (If you're wondering why, learn about their religion at one of the sites on this page.) Have all your classmates find out how many hours a week their parents/guardians work? Average the data you collect. How does it compare to Oman? Would you rather work here or there? Why?


  • Visit Oman Info and read about the population and look at the pictures under counties. What can you pray for?

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