Activities for North Korea

Language Arts

  • Read about the famine in North Korea from this PBS report. What is the issue with South Korea? Here is more North Korea famine information.

Social Studies

  • Read the North Korea News published in South Korea. What did you learn?
  • Visit CNN and find out what other problems North Korea has. Look at this page to see pictures of North Korea. What is one of their staple crops?
  • Visit Atlapedia: North Korea and read about the climate. How does it compare to your country?
  • Visit Atlapedia's maps of North Korea and the CIA's map of North Korea. What is the capital? What countries surround it? What is the land like? What bodies of water border it and where? Look at this East Asia map. Where is North Korea in relation to Japan? How do you think this affected Japan's influence in Korea? See the previous question for more historical information.
  • Visit Handbook on North Korea for more information. I didn't use this site because it is based in South Korea and slow!


  • Visit Atlapedia North Korea and look at the transportation. How many km of railroads are there? How many km of roads? What is the total km of roads and railroads?


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