Activities for Nepal

Language Arts

  • Visit A Visit to Nepal and browse the travel journal.Think of a trip you've taken or would like to take. Write a travel journal for 3 days of your trip. Challenge: If you're studying a foreign language, try the translate button and practice reading!
  • Visit A Visit to Nepal and look at the pictures. Would you like to visit Nepal? What do you think it would be like to live there?
  • Visit A Visit to Nepal and look at the interactive maps. Click on the various parts of the map. Think of your favorite place to be. It could be a vacation spot, your backyard, your street, or something else. Draw a map of it and create a key. Draw close up pictures (like these maps) and write descriptions Be sure to indicate on your key which spots have closeup pictures.
  • Look at these Images of Nepal. What can you learn about the people who live there? What do you think your pictures tell about you?

Social Studies

  • Visit and look under places to see. What is the capital? Read the history and find out when the Kathmandu valleys were unified into Nepal. Look at the temples and palaces in the capital city. Which would you like to see and why?
  • Visit the Nepal Home Page and look up the political structure. How is Nepal governed? Do the people have much say in their government? How?
  • Visit Destination Nepal and look at the map. What countries border Nepal? How do you think this affects the country? Name two rivers that run through Nepal? Where is Mt. Everest? What does the green represent? If you need a hint for the last question, look here.
  • Have you ever bought something that was made in Nepal? What was it? Visit Destination Nepal and look at the economic profile. What are the major industries?


  • Visit A Visit to Nepal and look at the expenses for a trip. Say you decide to go on the Annapurna trek. You're leaving from Knoxville, TN and flying to Pokhara, Nepal. You stay over night at the Mountain Villa Hotel in Pokhara. Then you take the Annapurna trek the next day (use the total). On the way back you stay another night in the Mountain Villa Hotel. How much money will you spend?
  • Look at this weather chart for Nepal. In what month does the most rain fall? How much rain falls between May and October each year? What is the average temperature in January (in Celsius)? Estimate (based on the chart) what that would be in Fahrenheit.


  • What is unique about Lumbini? What can you pray for?
  • Visit Destination Nepal and look at the slide show. What can you pray for?

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