Activities for Malaysia

Language Arts

  • Visit .asiatour Malaysia and visit the photo gallery. The pictures are arranged by state. Choose two and look at the pictures. What is similar about the two states? What is different? Which would you like to visit?
  • Read about the Longhouses in Sarawak. What do you think it would be like to live in a longhouse with all your relatives? This Malaysia Page also has information about longhouses.
  • Say you're planning a trip to Malaysia and you want to spend time on the beach. Visit this Malaysia Page and look up Places, then Islands and Beaches. Read about the various places to visit, then choose one you'd like to visit. Why did you make that choice?

Social Studies

  • Visit Destination Malaysia and read about the environment. Describe the land and vegetation. What do you think would happen if the government builds a dam in Sarawak? What is the climate like?
  • Visit this Malaysia Page and find out what four people groups live in Malaysia. Which people have been there the longest?
  • Visit Malaysia Home Page and read about the history of Malaysia. What five groups have conquered and/or ruled Malaysia since 100 BC? What ceremony shows Malaysia's connection to India? In the golden age, how were the ports and trading managed? Why were the colonial powers interested in Malaysia?
  • Visit Destination Malaysia and look at the maps, and the maps under places from Malaysia Home Page. What is the capital of Malaysia? What countries surround Malaysia (include the ones that are nearby with water separating them)? What body of water is north of Malaysia? southwest? northeast? What do you think it would be like to govern a country separated by water like this?
  • Malaysia Online has news and other tourist info.


  • Visit Destination Malaysia and read about the money. What is the Malaysian money called? Say you take US $250 dollars to Malaysia to visit. How much Malaysian money would that be? If you stayed in the cheapest hotels and ate the cheapest meals, how many days could you say there?


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