Activities for India

Email Dr. Ponniah, a student at Andrews University. Or email Pushpa. She lives in the Berrien community near Andrews University. You can ask them questions about India.

Language Arts

  • Visit the Embassy of India's Information section. Listen to the national anthem (if you have real audio). Write your reaction to the music. What does it make you think of? Also visit here to see an English translation of the words.
  • Visit the Embassy of India's Information section and look under culture. Read the description of the clothing in India. Think about what you wear and write a description like this for someone who is new to your country.
  • Visit Lonely Planet's slide show on the Himalaya Province. What do you think it would be like to live there? What would you like about it?

Social Studies

  • Visit the Embassy of India's Information section and look under culture and monuments. What famous monument is in India? Who was it built by and why did he build it? What did you learn about the other monuments?
  • Visit Lonely Planet's map of India. What is the capital? What countries surround India (or India surrounds)? Name two other big cities in India. Here are pictures from one of them.
  • Read about the history of India from Lonely Planet. What country colonized India in the late 1700s, early 1800s? When India wanted to become independent, describe the major challenges they faced (hint: it's related to religion). Why do you think India and Pakistan don't get along? How do you think the nuclear testing affects this relationship?
  • India World has news from India.
  • Embassy of India, Washington, DC, Discovery of India, and Discover India all have more information.


  • Visit Destination India and look at the money & costs. If you took $100 to India, how many rupees would you have? If you lived cheaply, how many days could you stay in India?


  • Visit the Embassy of India's Information section and look under culture, then religion. What did you learn about the Indian beliefs? What can you pray for?

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