Activities for Ethiopia

Language Arts

  1. Visit this site with lots of pictures of Ethiopia. You'll find them in the text. Write what you can learn from looking at the pictures!

Social Studies

  1. What country was part of Ethiopia for many years, and just recently gained its independence? What was the date of its independence?
  2. Visit Atlapedia's Ethiopia map. Why do you think the Ethiopia might have wanted to keep control of the country mentioned in # 1? What countries surround Ethiopia? Look at the physical map of Ethiopia. What kind of land is there? Look at this map. What is the capital of Ethiopia? What river is connected to a famous river running through Egypt?
  3. Visit Atlapedia, Ethiopia. See if you can find out what place is said to be the hottest place on earth. Why do you think that would be so?
  4. Visit Ethiopian News and U of Penn Ethiopia Page for more info.


  1. Visit Atlapedia, Ethiopia. About how many people live in each square mile? How many miles of railroads and roads do they have in Ethiopia?


  1. Visit the Bible Gateway and look up Ethiopia in the Bible. Find at least three mentions of Ethiopian people. Hint, use the KJV version and search Ethiopia* so you get both Ethiopia and Ethiopian.

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