Activities for Djibouti

Language Arts

  • Look at these images from Djibouti. Describe what you think it would be like to live there. What did you learn from the pictures? (by the way this is a French site and the only website in Djibouti).
  • How many languages are there in Djibouti? Why do you think French is the national language?

Social Studies

  • Visit ArabNet - Djibouti and read about the rise of nationalism and the first elections. Who has been the leader most of the last 20+ years? Why do you think people keep reelecting him? Visit Djibouti Atlapedia Online and read the modern history for more information.
  • Visit U of Penn Djibouti and look at the country map. What countries border Djibouti? What sea is to the north? What is the capital? Why do you think the capital is located where it is?
  • Visit ArabNet - Djibouti and read about the capital and the economy. What is the economy dependent on? Describe how. Do you think that Djibouti and Ethiopia are on good terms? Why?


  • Visit Djibouti Atlapedia Online and look at the major cities under geography. What is the population of Djibouti? What is the combined population of the other towns? Write a statement that compares the population of Djibouti to the other towns.


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