Activities for Bhutan

Language Arts

  1. Visit Bhutan Info and listen to the national anthem. Write your reaction to the song. Do you like it? How is it similar to yours?
  2. Visit The Kingdom of Bhutan and read the visitor information and the introduction. Why do you think they limit the number of foreigners getting into the country? What would you write about your country for potential tourists to read?

Social Studies

  1. Visit this Bhutan Pictures page and this one and write what you think it would be like to like in Bhutan.
  2. Visit Bhutan - Atlapedia Online. What are the two mountain ranges in Bhutan? What is the official religion? What languages are spoken in Bhutan? What percent of the people are literate? What challenges could this pose for the country?
  3. Visit Bhutan Info and look at the map. What is the capital of Bhutan? What countries border Bhutan? Why do you think Bhutan mainly trades with India?
  4. These two sites have tourist information. The Kingdom of Bhutan and
  5. The Home Page of Bhutan also has more information.


  1. Visit Bhutan - Atlapedia Online. Look at transportation. How many cars, trucks, and buses were there in 1988?


  1. Read about the Bhutanese Refugees. What can you pray for?

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