Activities for Afghanistan

Language Arts

  • Visit Afghan Poetry and read the poem about the love of a nation. What can you learn about what Afghanistan is like? Write a poem about your country that will give others an idea of what it is like.
  • Visit Afghanistan Online and listen to the national anthem. Write your reaction to the music. Then read the words to the anthem. What is similar to the words of your national anthem?


  • Visit Afghanistan Online and look under Culture. Look for the traditional instruments used in Afghanistan. List them, then name the instrument group they fit into.

Social Studies

  • Visit Afghanistan Online and look under Culture. Visit the Kabul Museum. What religion used to be strong in Afghanistan? What else can you learn about the country from the museum?
  • Visit Afghanistan Online and find the maps. What is the capital? Where are most of the mountains? Where is the desert? Name 4 countries that border Afghanistan.
  • Here's another Map of Afghanistan, but much larger.
  • Visit Afghanistan Online and look at the photo gallery and movies (mostly from the news). Describe the climate, the main problems, the ways people make a living, and what you found interesting. Talk to your teacher before looking at the war pictures.
  • Afghanistan Today has much more information too.


  • Visit Afghanistan Online and look under Culture. Try the Afghan riddles and brainteasers. Can you solve the puzzles without looking at the answers?


  • Visit Afghanistan Online and find the essay on the environment under geography. What other prayer needs did you learn about? What can we learn from their plight?
  • *Read this ADRA News about the earthquake in Afghanistan. What can you pray for?

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