Activities and Answers for Sri Lanka

Language Arts

  • Visit Discover, Sri Lankan Web Magazine and write why you would like to visit Sri Lanka. What do you think the people like about their country? Answers will vary. It would be helpful to give the students guidance on how much you want written based on their level.
  • Visit Destination Sri Lanka and list two of the other names for Sri Lanka.Serendib, Ceylon, Teardrop of India, Resplendent Isle, Island of Dharma, Pearl of the Orient If you had to give your country another name, what would you call it? Answers will vary.

Social Studies

  • Visit Destination Sri Lanka and go through the Slide Show. What products do you think Sri Lanka's economy is based on? Write down your answers. Then look at Economy to see if you're right.Garments, tea, textiles, gems, rubber & tourism are listed. They will probably only get tea, if that.
  • Visit Discover, Sri Lankan Web Magazine and take the quiz on Sri Lanka. This one is hard! Take it with a current encyclopedia on hand! This quiz will give the grades. You can jot down what they get, or just take it for the fun of it. It's challenging! I got 10/20 so don't be hard on your kids unless you teach the info there! :> The Destination Sri Lanka page can help with the answers.
  • Visit Destination Sri Lanka and describe the layout of the land. They should get that half of it is mountainous and the other half is a large plain. What state is its size similar to?
  • Look at this Sri Lankan physical map. Where is the mountainous region? in the south What body of water is between Sri Lanka and India? Gulf of Manner? It's hard to read! What ocean is Sri Lanka in? Indian Ocean
  • Sri Lanka Web Window This site has great information, but it can be slow.
  • Sri Lanka Travel Guide


  • Visit Destination Sri Lanka and look at the Facts for the Traveler. How many people died in terrorist attacks in 1996? over 150 people. How many people were injured? over 1600 people.
  • Challenge! Visit Destination Sri Lanka and look at the Facts at a Glance. What is the population? About 18 million What percent of the population is Christian? 8% About how many people are Christian? about 1,440,000


  • Based on the warning on the Facts for the Traveler page at Destination Sri Lanka, what other issues can you pray for?

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